Needle care starts with compassion.

What would you say to a friend or loved one who’s afraid of needles? What do you say to yourself when it’s time for blood work or an injection? Fear stops millions of people from getting the care they need—share your message to help build courage and compassion around needles.

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Treat needle pain with care.

Thimble is bringing compassion to routine needle procedures. On our new website, we’ll share proven methods for easing needle fear and anxiety—and soon our Needle Care Patch for relieving the pain.

Thank you.

Compassion for needle fear will help save lives and change the way healthcare feels for everyone.



Share with friends.

“When you get really scared, remember to close your eyes, breathe out & let go. I promise it's a magical trio.”

-Alessandra W.

“I just think about how the shot will protect me.”

-Elia D (age 8)

“We are listening and understand.”

-Nirshila C.

“Compassion for needle fear will save lives.”

-Joy F.

“Don’t hide your fear. You have to face it to move through it.”

-Summer K.

“It’s okay to feel this way.”

-Paige L.