Manju Dawkins, MD

A Letter from the Founder and CEO of Thimble

Hello all,

I’m overjoyed that you are joining us here to learn about needle care, empathy in medicine, and all the courage it takes to be fearless about your health.

This is a place for everyone who engages in healthcare.

That means adults, teens, kids, babies and their caretakers. It also means nurses, doctors, phlebotomists, and medical assistants. This is a place for anyone and everyone who is afraid of needles. Those on dialysis, those undergoing IVF, those battling cancer, those who need a flu shot, those who just can’t give themselves insulin today. This is for anyone who has ever put off a blood draw. Anyone who has ever wished the process was more comfortable.

Thimble is for those of us who give needles and those of us who get needles. All. Of. Us.

My intention is that Thimble will help everyone feel seen, understood, and taken care of. That we can be authentically compassionate. Compassionate with those brave enough to share their experiences. Compassionate with yourself when sharing. Because that is what Thimble is about—offering comfort and compassion in the face of needles.

Because I used to be afraid of them too. I was that kid, running all over the doctor’s office trying to escape.

When I became a physician, I could see how patients felt in my office. Most kids looked at me with suspicion. Many of them screamed or bolted, just like I used to do. I couldn’t blame them. Every experience with someone in a white coat or scrubs was linked with pain. This was a conditioned response.

Most adults I’ve treated have been hesitant to share how needles make them feel. For years, I had under-recognized and under-diagnosed the problem. The more I started to ask, the more I understood how deep the discomfort goes.

I’ve been on all sides of this.

As a healthcare professional, I know what it’s like to have a full schedule—so many patients, so little time. When it's my turn to see a doctor, I value being seen and heard and treated like a whole person. So let’s find ways to talk about the impact that needle anxiety has on our health. Together, we can find solutions to make essential healthcare experiences feel better for all.

With compassion,

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Manju Dawkins, MD


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