Needle Pain, Fear & Anxiety

Is needle fear common?

Needle-phobia is common and nothing to be ashamed of. Nearly 25% of adults are afraid of needles. Almost 66% of kids feel the same. This impacts all ages and genders. Not only that, needle-phobia has tripled in the past thirty years. Symptoms range from mild anxiety to extreme fear, and triggers can vary widely from person to person.


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Why does needle fear matter?

Needle fear causes people to miss out on basic healthcare: lab screenings, vaccinations, medications, and more. Avoiding needles, delaying visits to the doctor, leaving the fear untreated—these behaviors can result in unforeseen, and often under-recognized, consequences to personal and public health.

What’s the best solution for needle fear?

We believe treating pain is the single most effective solution to needle-phobia—and clinical guidelines back it up. That’s why we developed the needle care patch. A simple, affordable, and safe way to reduce needle pain and relieve anxiety around needles.


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