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What’s the active ingredient in the needle care patch?

The patch contains lidocaine (also known as lignocaine for all you science buffs). Lidocaine is an external analgesic, which means that it is a pain reliever meant to be applied to the skin. It works by blocking the nerve signals associated with pain.

What’s different about the needle care patch?

Thimble designs products specifically for needle pain. Other lidocaine patches help with things like muscle and joint pain, so they’re larger and work over 8-12 hours for long-term relief. Our needle care patch is different. The patch works in as little as 30-90 minutes and the dose is just right for smaller areas of skin.

Is the needle care patch safe?

Yes. Since 1983, the FDA has approved up to 4% lidocaine as a safe and effective over-the-counter medicine. Some prescription formulations combine lidocaine with prilocaine or tetracaine, which have been shown to increase the risk of methemoglobinemia. Thimble products are formulated with minimal ingredients and never contain prilocaine or tetracaine.

What do healthcare professionals think?

Healthcare professionals want you to feel better. But this might be new to some health pros. You can reassure them by showing this website and our cited sources (below). Multiple studies have shown that topical pain medication:

  1. Should be used for routine needle pokes
  2. Does not interfere with medical treatments
  3. Makes the visit better for everyone


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Needle Pain, Fear & Anxiety

Is needle fear common?

Needle-phobia is common and nothing to be ashamed of. Nearly 25% of adults are afraid of needles. Almost 66% of kids feel the same. This impacts all ages and genders. Not only that, needle-phobia has tripled in the past thirty years. Symptoms range from mild anxiety to extreme fear, and triggers can vary widely from person to person.


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Why does needle fear matter?

Needle fear causes people to miss out on basic healthcare: lab screenings, vaccinations, medications, and more. Avoiding needles, delaying visits to the doctor, leaving the fear untreated—these behaviors can result in unforeseen, and often under-recognized, consequences to personal and public health.

What’s the best solution for needle fear?

We believe treating pain is the single most effective solution to needle-phobia—and clinical guidelines back it up. That’s why we developed the needle care patch. A simple, affordable, and safe way to reduce needle pain and relieve anxiety around needles.


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