FSA & HSA Eligible

Soothe ache and soreness after needles.

Safe for All Ages*

Plant Powered

Gentle on Skin

Made in the USA

Like a bandage, only better. The Recover patch reduces soreness, bruising, and swelling for days after needle procedures. It’s doctor (and mom) developed with turmeric and arnica for effective relief right where it hurts, without the potential side effects of oral pain medications.

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*Patient under 2 years old? Ask your doc.

Comfort in a patch, created by a doctor.

  • Relieve ache and soreness
  • Ease irritation and discomfort
  • Calm inflammation and swelling
  • Reduce tenderness and bruising

How to use

Use in place of a bandage after needle procedures, including injections, blood draws and donations, IV removal, and more. Simply peel off the plastic liner and apply adhesive side directly to skin. We recommend wearing for 8 to 48 hours to cover the typical onset of soreness. You may choose to change daily or more often if needed. After removal, any residue will fade naturally.

FDA statement

The product and claims have not been evaluated by the U.S. FDA and are not approved to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent diseases. For external use only. Do not use if you’re allergic to any ingredients in the patch.

Minimal ingredients for optimal relief.

Yep, this is everything.


Arnica montana


An herb used for centuries in Western tradition and more recently in homeopathy to relieve muscle pain and bruising. Arnica contains active substances shown to reduce ache and swelling when topically applied.


Curcuma longa


A root used in traditional Eastern Medicine to relieve soreness, tenderness, and skin irritation. Turmeric contains high amounts of curcuminoids shown to reduce inflammation, especially in topical applications.

Black Pepper

Piper nigrum


The extract is used to improve absorption and bioavailability while offering anti-inflammatory properties of its own. We use Black pepper to help other ingredients penetrate the skin in the area where you place the patch.

Coenzyme Q10

USP Grade for Medicinal Use


This antioxidant is found naturally in the human body. CoQ10 helps to sustain the effectiveness of plant-powered ingredients, like the turmeric, arnica, and black pepper in our patch.

Acrylic Adhesive

Dermatologist Approved


Selected and tested for gentleness while being strong enough to keep the patch securely in place. If you have a known acrylic allergy, check with your doctor before use.

The Recover Patch

Approved by

“Crazy how much it seemed to have eliminated all post-injection muscle ache!”

“Knowing the patch would help alleviate pain, it helped ease pre-vaccine anxiety. It was a much better vaccine experience than we’ve ever had in the past.”

“As a clinician, I hear first hand how fears of injections or blood draws prevent many people from getting necessary medical intervention… The Recover patch is a promise of relief post injection—a reminder that there is something to comfort you at the end.”

“Thimble's products give us another tool we can use for our patients. Not only does the Recover patch help with the patient's pain, but it also lets them know that you've acknowledged their anxiety and fear.”


would use the product again


would recommend to a friend


prefer this patch to a bandage

Better than a bandage.

Soothe, calm, and comfort the area while protecting the skin—all at the same time. Our soft, flexible materials are designed for easy wear on arms, legs, stomach, and most common injection sites.

Only where it hurts.

Unlike most patches and oral medication designed to release actives throughout the body, the Recover patch works precisely where it’s needed, for optimal relief without potential side effects.

Caring made easier.

Step 1

Peel off

Remove from backing and apply the patch after simple needle procedures.

Step 2

Stick on

Keep it on for 8 to 48 hours to cover the typical onset of soreness.

Step 3

Feel better

You may choose to change daily or more often if needed.

A note from Dr. Dawkins:

“Turmeric can leave a golden color on your skin. If there’s a touch of residue, it will fade naturally.”


Thimble takes a human-centered approach, grounded in our founder’s experience with her own family.

Our product standards.

Science backed

Rigorously tested

For kids, teens, and adults

Available without a prescription

Packaged with sustainability in mind

Science backed

Rigorously tested

For kids, teens, and adults

Available without a prescription

Packaged with sustainability in mind

Science backed

Rigorously tested

For kids, teens, and adults

Available without a prescription

Packaged with sustainability in mind

Thimble was made for our community: our family, friends, patients, and the people we care about. That’s why we’re committed to a core set of standards for everything we create.


How is this patch better than a bandage?

Regular bandages and cotton balls don’t provide any soothing benefits. The Recover patch is powered by turmeric and arnica to deliver optimal relief from needle discomfort right where it hurts.

Is the patch safe?

Yes, the formula and materials are doctor developed and rigorously tested for safety when used externally as intended. Don’t rub the patch on eyes or mouth; don’t lick, taste, or swallow the patch; and don’t use the patch if you’re allergic to any of the ingredients. When in doubt, ask your doc.

Who should use the patch?

Everyone! The Recover patch is perfect for people of all ages: infants and kids, teens and adults. Anyone who feels soreness after needles deserves a convenient dose of comfort that works. If the patient is under two-years-old, check with your pediatrician before use.

Can I use this patch on my child?

Yes, we recommend using the Recover patch with kids after every needle procedure. Receiving empathy and compassion for their pain will help kids through all kinds of healthcare experiences.

What types of needle procedures does the patch help with?

Recover works after any simple needle procedure, including vaccines, lab draws, medication injections, and blood donations.

What can I expect?

Most people notice less ache and soreness after needle procedures. Many notice less bruising and swelling. Everyone responds differently, from complete relief to improved comfort.

What’s in the patch?

Ingredients carefully calibrated to alleviate discomfort from needles: Arnica montana, Curcuma longa (Turmeric), Piper nigrum (Black Pepper), CoQ10, and adhesive.

How long should I wear the patch?

Start wearing the Recover patch right after the needle procedure, in place of the usual bandage, and keep it on for as long as you want. We recommend 8 to 48 hours to cover the typical onset of soreness. You may choose to change daily or more often if needed.

Can I shower while wearing the patch?

Yes, users have found the Recover patch stays in place for 2-3 showers. Repeatedly soaking the patch can decrease adhesion over time.

Can I wear more than one patch at a time?

Yes, you can wear as many as you want. When receiving multiple needles, you can soothe each site with a Recover patch.

Will the patch leave a mark?

Some patients see a golden-orange residue on the skin—that’s the turmeric. The color will fade naturally on its own. If any adhesive remains on the skin after removal, you can wash it off with soap and water.