Meet a Mom: Dr. Manju Dawkins

Meet a Mom: Dr. Manju Dawkins

This week’s Meet a Mom feature on Beach Cities Moms Network is Dr. Manju Dawkins, Thimble™ founder, physician and local Redondo Beach mom of two. 

What are your favorite local things to do with your kids?

We love to grab some burritos from Brothers and head to the beach. With hats, rashguards, and sunblock, of course.  There’s no better place to practice handstands than in the sand!  And the dolphins always swing by- it is magical. We also like to hike in Palos Verdes or whale watch at Point Vincente. I’m also a member at South Coast Botanical Gardens- I always feel refreshed after a visit. The South Bay offers so many gems.

Tell us about your new business, Thimble. 

Most kids hate needles. And now, about a quarter of adults have needle phobia. Naturally this is causing people to put off or even avoid needles altogether. But this, of course, has consequences. At Thimble, we want to make injections and blood draws a little more comfortable. We believe that by bringing more compassion and care in, people will feel empowered to get the healthcare they need. And this means we’ll all be healthier for it.

How has this community been instrumental in getting you to where you are now?

As an LA transplant from the east coast, I feel so fortunate that we’ve found a sense of community here in the South Bay.  This community and specifically our neighbors have been incredibly encouraging in building this business and even offered their expertise and built it alongside us.  Our neighborhood is a welcome respite at the end of the day and gives us the sense of calm and clarity to keep going.

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