Thimble™ and Therapy Lab Partner to Make Healthcare More Accessible for Those with Needle Phobia

Thimble™ and Therapy Lab Partner to Make Healthcare More Accessible for Those with Needle Phobia

Over 60% of people are afraid of needles–as a result, millions of patients of all ages avoid getting vaccines or completing important blood work each year, delaying essential health care that is critical to well being.  

Thimble is partnering with fellow healthcare innovator Therapy Lab to offer a special Needle Phobia Plan that combines a cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) plan with Thimble’s patent-pending Needle Care System™

Therapy Lab’s five-session Needle Phobia Plan will use a science-backed approach that includes psychoeducation, guided relaxation, exposure therapy and, in some cases, virtual reality to increase confidence and reduce fear, offering Thimble’s patent-pending Prepare and Recover patches designed to alleviate pain and stress. Designed by physician and mom Dr. Manju Dawkins, Thimble’s Prepare and Recover patches will help prevent and reduce pain without the side effects of medication, reinforcing CBT techniques taught by Therapy Lab’s expert clinicians. 

Thimble’s Prepare patch, launching in June 2024, is designed to prevent pain from injections, blood draws, and most simple needle procedures. Their Recover patch reduces soreness, bruising, and swelling from needle procedures, using turmeric and arnica for effective relief right where it hurts—without the potential side effects of oral pain medications.

“Most Americans suffer from some fear of needles, according to the latest research. It is the most pervasive problem that no one talks about” says Thimble Founder and CEO Dr. Manju Dawkins. “Some experience such severe phobia, that they delay or avoid medical care completely and end up sicker as a result. For so long, these people didn't know where to turn for help. I am thrilled to partner with Therapy Lab to offer a science backed solution to tackle extreme fear and I am confident that this partnership will help save lives”

“Research has shown that using CBT can help with the perception and experience of pain,” Therapy Lab CEO and founder, Dr. Chandler Chang, shares. “Cognitive behavioral therapy is one of the most effective approaches for treating medical phobias. Pairing CBT techniques with Thimble’s Prepare and Recover patches will give patients increased confidence to follow through with medical appointments that are critical for their health. We are so pleased to partner with a like-minded innovator to empower more people to get the healthcare they deserve.”

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