Thimble's Impact Entrepreneurship Shines at ViVE24

Thimble's Impact Entrepreneurship Shines at ViVE24

"Physician burnout" was a hot topic ViVE2024, where the world's leading healthcare luminaries gathered to share experience, knowledge, and innovation. But to me, "burnout" is a misnomer. Misalignment feels like a better term. It results from working in a system that is not in line with your own values.

I have felt this misalignment—and I am not alone. One in five physicians plans to leave medicine in the coming years. And similar trends are being noticed across the healthcare workforce. That is really scary. Will there be anyone left to take care of us?

I was able to find my purpose in impact entrepreneurship, and through that journey I was able to find my love of medicine again. For me, it is about human to human interaction. And honestly the healing goes both ways often. That is the joy of the practice of medicine.

Dr. Manju Dawkins sits on stage with fellow panelists at ViVE24

I founded Thimble to alleviate the pain and anxiety of needle procedures. Over 60% of people fear needles and thus, avoid themand they can't get the vaccines, blood draws and medications they need to stay healthy. I also founded this company to help repair fractured relationship between patients and their healthcare workforce. Because frankly both sides are suffering.

The good news is innovations are coming down the pike that will hopefully serve patients and save the people delivering the care. Now as a founder, I deeply understand how hard the journey is to bring new solutions forward and have deep respect for those that try. I hope I can serve as a resource and a voice for physicians and others with boots on the ground, creating better solutions for all.

Thank you to my fellow panelists, Sabrina Braham, Jennifer Shannon M.D., Salman Hirani, MD, Arij Faksh DO, FACOG, Caroline Yang, MD, Aditya Chandrasekhar, MD MPH FACP CPE, Michael Han, M.D., Matthew Sakumoto, Beth Wells, Margaret Lozovatsky, MD, FAMIA. And thank you to Amanda Azadian for guiding us through the discussion of how the voice of physicians and others with boots on the ground, will create better solutions for all.

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